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Focus on epidemic prevention materialswe are on the move


In this global fight against the "COVID-19", Beijing HJC Import and Export Co., Ltd. faced a surge in the import and export of epidemic prevention materials. The company leaders attached great importance to the situation of shortage of prevention and control materials for the "COVID-19" and organized employees active learning, the company's various departments respond quickly, whether it is the deployment of import and export materials, the learning of relevant regulations of the customs, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Food and Drug Administration, or the needs of customers at home and abroad, the entire company is duty-bound and committed. 

 Go ahead

 Fight side by side with the global anti-epidemic fighters to fight off the virus!

 Regarding the export of anti-epidemic materials, we require that the export of testing reagents, medical protective masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, infrared thermometers and other products must obtain Chinas medical device product registration certificate and meet the quality standards of the importing country (region).  Implement the regulations of the customs and drug regulatory authorities.  We earnestly maintain the image of "Beijing HJC Import and Export Co., Ltd." and better contribute our greatest strength to support the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  Through our unremitting efforts, we have won the full trust of customers at home and abroad, and we are honored to provide high-quality anti-epidemic materials to many countries.

  Among them, masks rank first in our company's export materials, and the export countries are all over Japan, Israel, Britain, Germany and so on.

  The ventilator is the material with the largest export value, and the country of export is Chile.

  Another product is protective clothing, Second only to the number of masks, it is also a product with more exporting countries.

  At this stage, our company has signed a cooperative development project plan with scientific research institutions and manufacturers that produce vaccines in China, which will jointly promote the overseas sales of inactivated vaccines for the COVID-19.  This will be our new mission for Beijing HJC Import and Export Co., Ltd


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